Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Quote of the day

Benedict Brogan:
If Mr Cameron and William Hague are indeed to run up the white flag on Lisbon, why is the party so calm?

Could it be that the party has matured enough to know that ideological posturing doesn’t butter parsnips on polling day? Is it because a near 20 point lead is the best commander of loyalty? Have they learned the Labour trick of ignoring what the grass roots think? Or maybe they’ve stopped worrying about what the netroots are banging on about over in the CH comments section. Whatever the reason, we are about to see a significant Tory policy shift, and it’s quiet out there. Too quiet.
Ah, but is that a "Too quiet" resulting from "pragmatism" defeating "principles"... or "too quiet" as in "the lull before the storm"?


fair_deal said...

UKIP will be rubbing its hands

tony said...

If proto-Blair Cameron can repeat the early success of Blair then not too many people will complain, well perhaps there will be in-fighting over Europe. However yet more Blairism is hardly anything to be excited about.

O'Neill said...

I'm not sure the UKIP will be able to make much hay from it electorally in a FPTP, the danger I suppose is that the more euro-sceptic wing of the Conservative party activists and party workers start to either make trouble or even migrate over to farage & Co. In that regard the poll on Conservative Home is interesting this morning:

"There is much more support (66%) for some sort of referendum but there is no appetite for a big internal debate on Europe. 71% of party members say Eurosceptic MPs should focus on helping Cameron win the General Election."

Anonymous said...

Lisbon Treaty - Best out of three?

Only seems fair to me.