Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A word from the technical department.

Our ancient computer at home has finally given up the ghost (it never did really come to terms with the introduction of electricity!), so all posts this week at least are being squeezed in on the 15 minute coffee break at work.

Comments will also still be posted, although obviously a bit slower.


Kloot said...

Join the iPhone brigade and you will be able to post anywhere, anytime :)

My girlfriends folks have this computer in their good sitting room ( ya know the one, the room where no one except special guests are allowed) that must be a good 12 years old.. a small 14inch screen, dial up modem.. although its never used, they refuse to dispose of it.. it cost £800 in 1997 ya know.. and computers cant have changed that much in the mean time!

O'Neill said...

I do use my mobile occasionally for twitter, writing a 250 word post on it would be a much different matter though!