Friday, November 6, 2009

Hannan acts with honour- a lesson for the UUP dissidents

Louise Bagshaw on Dan Hannan's resignation for the Conservatives' European front-bench:
I'm sorry that Dan felt the need to resign. But I respect immensely the sobriety and loyalty with which he has done so. He knows that we need to see David Cameron in number 10. He is fighting for a Conservative government, just as hard as I am. I hope that a forthcoming Sovereignty Act and victories around the negotiation table (and remember, the accession protocol was mentioned as a bargaining chip) will give him some comfort. In the meantime, Dan Hannan is giving no comfort to the enemy, whether Labour or UKIP. Some posters on ConHome could learn a lot from him.
As could some in the UUP.
Can those who have expressed their opposition to the link with the Conservatives through leaked letters to the press and tantrums during television interviews put their hand on heart and say that they have given "no comfort to the enemy" with their actions?

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