Friday, November 6, 2009

Nationalism = racism?

Despite the dodgy title (whereas the “N” word I think he’s getting at is definitely off the menu in all right-thinking circles, the latte-supping liberals he obviously has a problem with are more than comfortable with the the PCness of certain UK-based nationalisms ), a thought-provoking piece from Ewan Crawford.

Are all nationalists racists?
No. Are all racists, also nationalists?
Not all; I’m sure there’s also a small % of cosmopolitan and internationalist racists, it’s just I’ve had the good fortune never to meet any. In the vast majority of cases, though, the racist believes that it’s his particular nation which must be protected from the "others"; it's his nation and its people which stands above the "others"

Apart from the fact that Sinn Fein seem to have been omitted from this cosy club of "civic" nationalists, the most interesting question arising from the article is raised in the comments:

What would a party whose whole raison d'etre is that it's a Scottish nationalist party be hoping to achieve within a separate Scottish state?


tony said...

Absolute twaddle. He states the obvious, you do quite a good job of twisting it. Unlike the norm for Ulster Unionism, I have yet to witness any racist behaviour in the SNP.

Such a simplistic piece, are the English so oblivious to the SNP that they do not know the basics. I have been accused twice from memory of association with the far-right/racism by my support foe the SNP. One was by a Loyalist Neo-Nazi supporting racist from NI who's accusation was that the SNP were not 'real' Nationalists. And recently on slugger by a new-Labourite who reckons that the lefty leaning language is just for show. I reckon the Loyalist was closer to the mark, since in his mind anyhow, he didn't have to make it up or make a value judgement made on guesswork.

O'Neill said...

You are all over the place with this one. First, I haven't accused the SNP of racism. Secondly I said that I don't think that any kind of nationalism automatically equals racism. Thirdly I would never deny there are, throughout the UK and more specifically, Unionist racists, but a belief in the Union does not, by the "norm", make one a racist. And I've no idea why you introduced the English into the argument.

There isn't a template as to what is or what isn't a "true" nationalist- my argument here though is that in the vast majority of cases, racists are also nationalists of one description or other.

But more difficult question which you didn't answer, once Scottish "independence" arrives then what then would be the role of a Scottish "nationalist" party?

O'Neill said...

"more specifically, Unionist racists", should read "more specifically, Ulster Unionist racists".

tony said...

not for the first time I probably read you wrong ;¬)

Post independence the SNP will either split or lose loads of members left and right. I quite like most of where they stand. However a wee touch to the left wouldn't do us any harm, and in line with public opinion a veer to the right on immigration. Especially since without Scotlands money, the Engish might decide you guys are a burden. Don't want the OO to expand too much by refugees from a united Ireland, we are just in the middle of civilising them at present.