Saturday, October 3, 2009

The SNP pot, the Conservative kettle.

From The Times:
Alex Salmond has snubbed an invitation from David Cameron to hold talks on how a Conservative government could improve devolution.
A spokesman for the Scottish President has:
...accused the Tory leader of taking the electorate for granted, adding: “David Cameron is strutting around like he is already the Prime Minister.”
There’s an unintentional irony there...
But isn't it a petty attitude to take, especially since this is exactly what Cameron said:
"I would come to Scotland even before the election and meet with the First Minister and see how we can work together to build a better future for you."
No "strutting" or "taking the electorate for granted" there in my opinion.


subrosa said...

I can understand the Scottish government's response and I don't think it's petty.

It's called common sense.

Why CallMeDave would think it sensible to meet with the FM before he's elected, beats me.

Or his he a lot more arrogant than I think? Cameron I mean. :)

O'Neill said...

"Why CallMeDave would think it sensible to meet with the FM before he's elected, beats me."

I linked into the original article in the Scottish Sun, it seems sensible to me for the leader of the opposition to ask for such a meeting- so I really can't see the SNP's problem.

Something else interesting though I've just realised- whilst the "national" (English?) Sun has nailed its colours directly to the Tory mast, the Scottish Sun's editor says he still isn't convinced by Cameron yet. Either the Murdoch regime is starting to give its editors a bit more individual freedom (unlikely) or...the Sun is playing the populist and nationalist game- ie having an English and Scottish version giving out different respective messages.

Anonymous said...

Apart from not being a Unionist Subrosa your views are almost entirely in line with the Tory Party so I'm not sure why you would give Mr Cameron a hard time over this. He will help deliver some of the control over immigration you want. Properly fund our soldiers, etc. Wouldn't it suit you for Mr Salmond to meet him and maybe give the SNP some ideas that are actually in line with your own.