Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Lisbon Treaty? I never knew there was so much in it.

Presenter Sophie Raworth, live on the BBC One O'Clock news on Friday made this introduction to a piece on the Lisbon Treaty Referendum in the Republic:
"The people of Ireland return to the polls today in a referendum on whether to accept the Lisbon Treaty on enlarging the European Union."
That last newly revealed *fact* seems to have bypassed Sarkozy and the Fortress Christian Europe elements in Austria, Germany and elsewhere- good old Beeb, finger on the pulse as always.

(Thanks to Open Europe).

On a more serious note, my initial thought after the ROI’s result was that was it all over bar some more legal formalities in Czech Republic. Ben Archibald argues depending on President Klaus’ inclinations the timing of certain events in Prague, that's not so. Whether that would in the long-term (short-term the Conservatives calling a referendum on Lisbon would be undoubtedly popular) be good or bad news for Cameron is highly debatable


Anonymous said...

A bit of a hot potato for Mr. Cameron alright. Suddenly I am praying for a general election in the UK.


O'Neill said...

Yes, a very interesting conference week ahead for DC.