Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Quote of the day

David Cameron quoted on Wales Online:
We have said, look, let’s instead of having endless arguments about more and more processes, let’s actually talk about outcomes. Let’s talk about the things people care about. How are we going to get the jobs back? How are we going to get credit out of the banks and into the businesses? How can we improve the health service in Wales? It’s those, I think, meat and drink questions, rather than should the Assembly have a little bit more power or a little bit less power which I think is beginning to bore people in Wales slightly.

Only "slightly"?


kensei said...

Oh come on. This is a classic dodge, with added spice considering he spent the day talking about devolving power down in order to you know, solve some of the problems.

O'Neill said...

Timing and nature of announcement definitely not accidental. There's a hint of internal party decentralisation and increased autonomy for the various regional wings of Conservatism. How that starts to wing its way down to the various constitutional settlements is another question- slightest whift of federalism in the air

Wyrdtimes said...

Some power is better than no power. Some recognition is better than no recognition.

Dewi Harries said...

What is "boring" is the current LCO process - it means the constitution is always the issue - taken 18 months so far to transfer a right to suspend council house sales.....and we sold 43 council houses in the whole country last utter madness.