Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mrs Dodds is getting there....

It would be nice (but probably a tad unrealistic;)) to believe Mrs Dodds reads this blog; but... still, progress in recognising that the continuance of the Union does not depend entirely on the DUP's performance in June:
"In this European election there are two main requirements.

"One is to keep unionism at the top of the poll and the other is to ensure that we maximise the pro-Union vote to secure the two MEP seats."

Nearly there. The two main requirements* in this election I'd list for the long-term future of Unionism in Northern Ireland are:

1. An increase in the overall Unionist vote vis-a-vis Sinn Fein/SDLP (after all, promoting any new form of Unionist philosophy is dependent on actually remaining a part of the United Kingdom).
2. An increase in the percentage of the overall vote and in the total amount of voters for the man who in this election will be representing that new Unionist philosophy- Jim Nicholson.

But please note my order of priority there.


Anonymous said...

The women is a completely numpty in direct response to her posing of the point about whether it matters who tops the poll all she could say was 'who can forget the SF trumphialism of the 'greening of the west''.
The stupid women cant realise that that is all it was - a one day wonder when a bunch of Shinners tried to convince themselves that the are on a fast track to a UI by 2016 and they havent sold out.
Dodds and her like and totally incapable of laughing this sort of PR stunt off.
There you have - topping the poll is important so that we can have a Pradestant one day wonder PR stunt about 'beating the shinners' and we can prevent them'uns from celebrating. TWAT

O'Neill said...

Anonymous, you had to go and ruin it with that last flourish. Check my Comments Policy. And I'll be a bit more thorough in moderating from now on.