Friday, March 11, 2011

1. Labour 2. Conservatives 3. Plaid Cymru.........................4. Liberal Democrats

It's only an opinion poll, so usual caveats apply:
LABOUR is the only party to have won a referendum bounce in the polls and is now on track to gain a majority in the May Assembly elections, according to figures released last night.

Support for First Minister Carwyn Jones’ party now stands at 48%, up from 45% in January and far above the May 2007 result of 32%.
Conservatives are slightly ahead of Plaid Cymru (20 to 19%), Liberals are bumping along at 7%, the UKIP and Greens may well also grab a seat.

There are several varying seat projections but if trends are reflected at the ballot box, then Labour will be running a majority administration post the May election with, no doubt, Mr Tango-Man (as he does here) claiming the credit!

The Conservatives steady enough consolidation contrasts dramatically with the Lib Dems ongoing crash and that fact should give more food for thought to the Tory Ultras who have been doubting the wisdom of the Westminster Coalition- the joys of coalition in the case has principally been the provision of an additional local scapegoat to conveniently take the blame for the effects of the rigorous economic restructuring.

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