Friday, February 4, 2011

Oops, there goes another nail into the coffin...

On last night's Hearts and Minds, Owen Paterson, when asked about the prospect of Martin McGuinness getting the First Minister job:
"I think it would be an extraordinary endorsement of the progress that has been made here . and I think we should celebrate that fact that everyone wants to vote...but how that election turns out , as Secretary of State, is not for me to comment on. It's down to local people to go to the polling booths and vote."
Not sure that was an intentional "oops" or not...
But I think it (along with Baroness Warsi's announcement yesterday) gives the UUP now the excuse now to walk completely from their "on-off-kinda" relationship with the Conservatives; something which would be the best thing for both parties at this juncture.

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