Friday, February 4, 2011

Quote of the day

Massie on the SNP Pathology:
But the reason the SNP has never won a majority (of seats let alone votes) owes little to the fecklessness of the (Scottish) people and rather more to the party's inability to make a sufficiently persuasive case. Ah, our cybernatting friends will tell us, that's because of the Biased BBC and the rest of the Unionist Media, conspiring to hoodwink the Plain People of Scotland and frustrating the path to righteousness and Manifest Destiny! If only - only! - we had a better people they would see the light and the Promised Land. And those media organisations are either in thrall to Britannia or Big Corporations who care nothing for Scotland! Occam's Razor, you see, may never be deployed. There's always someone else to blame.

Since the people remain blind it follows that they are useless and easily duped. Furthermore, mere disagreement cannot exist or be based upon an honest - if misguided! - difference of opinion, it must instead be an act of Bad Faith or even treachery. Genuine Scots know the score; Westminster's useful fools do not. Just as - to point out another piece of witlessness - "Real Scots" are supposed to read the Daily Record, so real Scots are supposed to support the SNP. This McPalinism deserves to be treated with some hefty measure of contempt.

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