Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hain was misquoted! Or misinterpreted! Or just plain told porkies!

My second hmmm... of the day:
THE BBC has apologised to Peter Hain after upholding a complaint about how comments he made during an interview about the Assembly powers referendum were reported.
This was a summary of the reported comments:
Shadow Welsh Secretary Peter Hain has said the referendum on assembly powers is only happening on 3 March because of Plaid Cymru's insistence.

Mr Hain said he believes now is not the best time to hold the referendum, and warned that turnout will be low
The complaint, made by the Labour Party:
"During the programme political reporter Aled ap Dafydd said: “Peter Hain last week said on the subject of scrutiny that the Assembly has got a lot to learn in terms of scrutinising legislation.”
In his e-mail to the Labour Party, Mr Ahir added: “With regard to the second part of your complaint, relating to the line ‘Peter Hain has said this week that the Assembly has to learn lessons in terms of scrutinising legislation. It’s not mature enough’. There is a pause in the middle of this phrase and the words ‘It’s not mature enough’ are Aled’s emphasis and interpretation, as a leading question to [Yes campaigner] Cathy Owens.
Well, naughty, naughty Mr Ahir.
"It has to learn lessons" obviously cannot in any way be construed to mean it's "not mature enough".

Hain, himself, now slithers into the picture:
“Throughout the lengthy interview I was very strongly putting the case for a Yes vote, yet BBC Wales misquoted a sentence to imply that I didn’t think the Assembly was up to the job, which was absolutely not true. As Secretary of State for Wales I legislated for the referendum and for the Assembly to have more powers – I wouldn’t have done so if I didn’t believe as I always have in full law-making powers for the Assembly.
Read the direct quote from Hain in my previous post- this is yet another (the third?) rewriting of history from the Orange One in the space of less than three weeks.
If I were in the "yes" campaign, I'd still keep checking for sudden sharp pains in my back...

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