Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mr Tango-Man has a sniff of prevailing public opinion and does a quick about turn

If there is one truism in modern British politics, it is that if Peter Hain declares himself to be your friend, you should then make sure to check regularly for unexpected, sharp, steel, kitchen implements protruding from your back.

Peter Hain 22/1/2011
A “YES” vote in the referendum on more powers for the National Assembly would give AMs the opportunity to “think big” and transform the economy of Wales, according to Shadow Welsh Secretary Peter Hain.

In a wide-ranging interview with the Western Mail, the former Cabinet Minister also said that without the current arrangements he introduced under which the UK Parliament grants the Assembly permission to pass laws, there would have been no chance of devolution moving forward.

Before last year’s general election, Mr Hain believed a referendum to grant the Assembly full lawmaking powers would be lost. Explaining his change of stance on the referendum, the Neath MP said: “I’ve always been pro lawmaking powers for the Assembly. Indeed, as Secretary of State I legislated for it – arguably the only Secretary of State likely to be in that position who would have done so
Peter Hain 3/2/2011
Shadow Welsh Secretary Peter Hain has said the referendum on assembly powers is only happening on 3 March because of Plaid Cymru's insistence.

Mr Hain said he believes now is not the best time to hold the referendum, and warned that turnout will be low.

Now, with a month to go until that vote takes place, for such a senior Labour figure to question the referendum's timing will not be seen as helpful by many in the Yes campaign, in which First Minister Carwyn Jones is a key figure.
The man has no shame whatsover... but still, it is funny;)

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