Thursday, February 17, 2011

Adams (finally) on the run?

Grizzly's cage has been well and truly rattled:
GERRY Adams was today running scared after murdered Jean McConville's family accused him of dancing on their mother's grave.

For the first time, Adams has threatened to sue for defamation over claims of his IRA past.

The Sinn Fein leader has sent the threats of legal proceedings to the Herald after we highlighted the plight of the McConville family this week.

Today, Mrs Conville's family said they will not be silenced by his bully boy tactics.

Adams has been accused numerous times of being on the IRA army council and of being a senior Provo chief in the Belfast area.

But this is the first time he has threatened to sue journalists.
Interesting that last fact, especially when you consider the amount of "smears" and "lies" written about him previously. It certainly looks like the ROI's press are a lot less in awe of... no make that "a lot less frightened" to do their supposed job than their counterparts in Northern Ireland.

This is the original article upon which the "defamation" of character is alleged.


michaelhenry said...

Some-times you have to give idiots
enough rope to hang themselves
if the reporters have the truth then they should not fear the law

Well played by Adams
Time for the Anti-truth journalists
to spend some time in a cell.

oneill said...

"if the reporters have the truth then they should not fear the law"

Indeed but that works for Gerry as well. Iám going to diarise this post and check in 3 months time how the case (if it has started) is progressing.

michaelhenry said...

3 months- after the dail and assembly elections are over- and apart from by- elections there will be no going to the people for another 3 years

bring the truth along then
If not you can sent in a few food
parcel's to any reporters who were found to be lying

O'Neill said...


I was saying that threatening a libel case and actually carrying it through are two completely different things.

If a journalist accused me of being responsible for killing a mother of 10 children, I'd sue and I'd sue because in my heart I'd know that I hadn't played any part in her murder. For that reason I know, almost 100%, that Gerry won't sue.

I tell you what, if he does sue I'll donate fifty quid to a charity (no restrictions)of your choice.