Thursday, February 10, 2011

Could be an historic Thursday...

Landmark day in for civil liberties in the United Kingdom...:
Identity cards will be consigned to history today as the database recording the biometric details of thousands of people goes up in flames. Hard disk drives from the national identity register, which underpinned the ID card scheme, will be shredded and incinerated in a symbolic demonstration of efforts to rein back the "database state" and restore civil liberties.
... and for the (potential) re-assertion of our right as a sovereign nation to decide our own laws and practises:
MPs have overwhelmingly voted to keep the ban on prisoners voting, in defiance of a ruling by the European Court of Human Rights.

The House of Commons' decision is not binding, but could put pressure on ministers to go against the Strasbourg court's decision.

MPs backed a motion opposing the move by a 234 to 22 - a majority of 212.

The government says it has to end the ban on inmates voting, or face being sued for tens of millions of pounds.

Senior Tory backbencher David Davis and former Labour Home Secretary Jack Straw tabled the motion, urging ministers to defy the European Court of Human Rights ruling that a blanket ban on prisoners voting was illegal.

During a Commons, Mr Davis said Parliament must "assert" itself on an issue of "great democratic importance".
And it did... it's now up to the government to "walk the walk" as well as merely "talking the talk".

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