Thursday, February 17, 2011

Parliament makes laws, not the courts

Not only two hmmms today, also two Theresa Mays:
Theresa May says that a legal framework is required to make sure parliament makes laws, not the courts.

In a statement to parliament, the Home Secretary said that a Commission will be established to investigate creating a British Bill of Rights.

This comes after the Supreme Court ruled that not granting sex offenders the opportunity to seek a review is a breach of their human rights.

Theresa May said that government is 'appalled' by this ruling.

Parliament makes our laws

She explained: ‘It is time to assert that it is Parliament that makes our laws, not the courts; that the rights of the public come before the rights of criminals; and above all, that we have a legal framework that brings sanity to cases such as these.'
What makes this especially relevant for those of us who have been following the Bill of Rights fiasco here in Northern Ireland is that "parliament makes laws, not the courts".

This is a  cornerstone of any democracy and it was exactly the one Ms McWilliams and her cohorts attempted to chip away at when they produced their all-singing, all-dancing proposal.

Shouldn't happen here, shouldn't happen in the UK as a whole.

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