Monday, December 20, 2010

Welsh Establishment turns on itself

Following the "Yes" campaign's "misleading leaflet" last week, this is amusing:
AN ASSEMBLY member has been forced to apologise for branding a senior government minister a “cretin”.

Liberal Democrat AM Peter Black admitted he had used “inappropriate language” to describe Education Minister Leighton Andrews during a public spat on Twitter.

However the South West Wales AM insisted he had been provoked by Mr Andrews who referred to him as an “amateur” after he wrote on his blog the Yes for Wales referendum campaign was in danger of turning into an “anti-UK Coalition crusade”.

Following the publication of the first leaflet by the Yes campaign Mr Black wrote in support of critics who had earlier claimed it was “wholly misleading”.

He said the leaflet was a step on a slippery slope towards party politicking and left the campaign open to the charge of deceiving people.
Oops, you can't break the comfy devo-consensus with that kind of comment and expect not to be chastised.
Keep it up team.

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