Monday, December 20, 2010

Jim Nicholson- the UK's Number 1!

Surprised this hasn't had wider publicity locally, especially from the usual attack-hounds;)

The Sunday Telegraph yesterday published a league table (not yet online) exposing "wide variations in the "value" provided by the UK's MEPs

Whilst James Elles, a Conservative MEP for the South East was at the very bottom of the table (£113,000 claimed on travel, office and living allowances in a year, took part in less than 80 per cent of the parliament's plenary sessions and delivered only three speeches in 18 months) his fellow Conservative Charles Tannock, a representative for London, emerged as the best-value MEP (near-perfect attendance record, posed 189 questions to the European Commission and giving 96 speeches, his travel and office expenses claims were below-average).

And the UK's most "expensive" MEP?

None other than James Nicholson of the (*ahem*) Ulster Conservatives and Unionists at £215,610.

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Anonymous said...

He has no full time constituency office in Northern Ireland, only a room in UUP HQ. What was the money going on?