Tuesday, October 5, 2010

You're thick! Now give us your vote!

Annabel Goldie reckons the Scottish electorate is starting to get the Conservatives' message...and that message?
Scots are 'so thick' says Tory Holyrood hopeful.

A TORY party Holyrood candidate has described Scots as "so thick" for hating Margaret Thatcher. Well-known businessman and prominent Tory backer Ivor Tiefenbrun said Scottish voters had "swallowed" the idea that the former prime minister was an "evil force".

The hi-fi entrepreneur and MBE, who has been selected as the Tory candidate for Glasgow Maryhill and Springburn, told The Scotsman that "you would have to be thick to accept that".

He claimed Baroness Thatcher had "saved our cities" in Scotland and had broken the "corrupt power" of the trade unions as well as "enabling people to buy their own homes" during her 11 years in power.
It's one approach I guess, insulting your potential electorate into giving you a vote and likely to provide them with as much success as their apparent eagerness to hop into bed with the Nats will do.


tony said...

Much of what the guy says is true..............however these comments cannot be received in isolation. It is a bit like saying "crime was really low under Hitler" or "Mussolini made the trains run on time" I am not saying that Maggie was quite as bad as Adolph though.

I have witnessed the smug looks given by thick labour voters who could not name the candidate but are proud of voting for a party that no longer represents, nor resembles the values of the labour party their faithers voted for. When I make this easily argued point the usual response is the back of the head as the move away quickly.

It really is madness!

O'Neill said...

Knowing and telling the truth are two different things especially if you're as politician.

tony said...

he guy has now resigned........well kicked oot might be the truest report.