Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Elsewhere 10/04/2010

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GGN said...

Any chance of a link to Alex Kane's latest offering?

The Newsletter website is a little UUPesque and does not seem to be of the 21st Century.

O'Neill said...

Curiously enough, I've been trying to access and link into them for the last few weeks with no success. I have a suspicion there hiding him from online readers, why though I've no idea.

tony said...

Wood is brilliant and am enjoying this 'live' history of southern part of the isle of Great Britain/England.

Mcdowell was holding the Irish flag on the golf buggy but within a minute the one for the Protestant parliament appeared. I thought yir man Rory was a Tim, if so wtf is he upto. A bit like yir man Eoghan on x-factor or whatever wearing a poppy.

Oh and perhaps Cameron could decide to hold a vote in Westminster to hold a referendum on Scottish independence. Constitutionally it is the only place that can decide this. Other than that he is a coward for doing a Wendy "Bring it on!" long after he knows it is not now a possibility now or in the near future. Perhaps Salmond will pay for this from the party rather than the electorate.

O'Neill said...

McDowell and McIlroy both travel with British passports so technically they should have been waving a Union flag...would that have made you happier?! If truth be told, I guess them (and probably Eoghan) probably have no strong feelings one way or the other- both have played for Ireland in team tournaments, both will probably pay for the Britain & NI team at the Olympics. It's one of the (few) benefits of being born in Northern Ireland, having the choice of that dual identity.

Re Cameron and the referendum, you should read the Blether with Brian piece, Dave's cocked up on this one.

tony said...


We both know flags are important and like the law ignorance is no defence. Wee Eoghan made an arse of himself but that is par for the course for fame seekers. Now McDowell I would assume has some affinity for the Stormont flag but McIlroy (if he is indeed a jungle Jim) has effed up royally by displaying a loyalist flag.

I have quickly visited B W B's blog the first time in yonks...............I was expecting comments in the high hunners. Where have all his commentaters gone? On topic Cameron is following the great Tory tradition of knowing little about Scottish affairs and using what little they know to make an arse of themselves. The Meghrahi comments were also disengenious. 1) We will never get a similar case. 2) He would have had to use immigration law to briefly detain M, or he could have phoned up Obama and asked him to re-open that famous US facility in Cuba. 3) Should any of the above come to fruition *sighs* then we truly would have an unbridgeable break in the union.

O'Neill said...

"McIlroy (if he is indeed a jungle Jim) has effed up royally by displaying a loyalist flag."

I've no idea of his practising religion but look at what's top of his website;)


It may not be exactly what you are I have been brought up on, but there's a much stronger sense of a Northern Irish identity amongst the generation behind me than I can ever remember from my own youth.

My first NI match was with my dad a couple of decades ago and whilst the Union flags (and Rangers shirts) didn't outnumber the NI ones, it was a close run thing. Go to especially an away match now and you do a double-take if you see either gers shirt or the Uk flag.

The flag is unofficial but it's the only one we've got-if someone comes up with a reasonable substitute (as with the anthem) then fine with me.

I don't know the long-term implications for the constitutional status of NI all this means but they things they are a-changing, that's for sure.

Who's BWB? Vance?

Cameron, I've another post up on tonight, key word incompetence!

tony said...

You told me to check out Blether With Brian, hence BWB. Ironic that you would associate a South African supremacist group with Vance.........he of the Palestinian panzer division at Stalingrad fame. I honestly do not go there now not even if I am really bored.

I fully take on board and welcome the new aura........shall we say surrounding the GAWA. Yep, excellent that fun and enjoying the occassion can be so much more rewarding than in yer face rule Brittania nonsense. Glad that the Rangers mob are receeding because they have yet to learn that lesson, perhaps the GAWA can be a force for positive change.

Mcilroys website looks like a generic model that would be used for a load of sportsmen, but he must have endorsed the dirty great big flag prominent in the corner. I am still confused though..........his Da is called Gerry. Lol!