Thursday, October 7, 2010

Scottish Conservatives continue their charm offensive

As one quietly quits, up steps yet another to the plate:
THE Scottish Tories are embroiled in fresh controversy after a prospective MSP compared carers in a television programme to "the great unwashed", as another candidate was forced to stand down for describing Scots as "so thick".

The latest insult came from the Conservative candidate for Clydesdale, Colin McGavigan, who posted the comment on his Twitter page in response to a documentary about children in care
All comes down once again to that lack of professionalism I mentioned yesterday. I don't for a minute doubt that other potential candidates may think their electorate are thick or that those involved in helping the less fortunate may have a hygiene problem- they don't, however, tend to announce their insights to either the leading morning paper in the country or the online world via Twitter.

So, not very professional behaviour from the candidates, but the more disturbing question for the party, surely, is how they managed to become even a "prospective" MSP in the first place?


Dilettante said...

Paper candidates, maybe? I don't know how many 'winnable' targets the Scottish Conservatives have, but I doubt these were in them.

Still, are this people saboteurs or something?

O'Neill said...

No, just idiots. The point about "paper candidates" is probably true but in the modern media age, such outbursts aren't restricted to the constituency and will effect the party nationwide.

tony said...

C'mon chaps storm in teacup.

It is sad that we cannot come close to calling a spade a spade because of overt pc nonsense. Some of it is needed but the rest is just preposterous.

O'Neill said...

I'll hold up my hands and say I regularly call groups of people (Linfield/Liverpool/Old Firm supporters;)) thick but very rarely would I brand a whole nation like that, particularly my own.

The carer jibe hit home a bit harder for several reasons and I can put hand on heart and say even privately I would never come out with crap like that. But the more important point, from a Conservative pov, is that I'm not aiming to get into mainstream politics, these clowns are. How did they get so far