Monday, October 25, 2010

Goldie's days are numbered?

Goldie's last desperate throw of the dice?
The leader of the Scottish Tories is privately backing a coalition with the SNP next year in a desperate bid to get her party into government.

Annabel Goldie believes a pact with the Nationalists, who remain deeply hostile to a deal, may be the only way to transform Conservative fortunes north of the border.

Goldie’s position as leader is in jeopardy following a series of disappointing election results on her watch.
Or is it (hopefully) already too late?
AN ATTACK on Holyrood's lackadaisical work ethic by a senior Scottish Conservative MSP was last night described as the opening shot in a new civil war within the party.

Jackson Carlaw called for a radical reform of the Scottish Parliament, where MSPs often sit for just an average of one day a week and Bills face much less time being scrutinised than at Westminster.

But the West of Scotland MSP's call to arms - which is likely to get an enthusiastic reception from voters - was also seen as a direct challenge to Annabel Goldie's leadership.
An unusual civil war, one in which the party has not really got that much left to lose.

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