Monday, October 25, 2010

Ogra Shinn Fein- pushing the boundaries

Those who claim that Gerry's complete control over Sinn Fein has killed off all intellectual creativity within the party really need to read the Ogra Shinn Fein blog. This is their banner heading:

A rather eclectic choice of characters, I'm sure you'll agree, there from the Junior Sinners: two (business? mafia? bankers?)gentlemen taunting the republicans with handfuls of readies; a pissed-up flasher (English nationalist readers will no doubt be interested with the juxtaposition between the flag on his boxers and the Union flag in his hand); a Beefeater and, well, someone suave, smart and rather handsome, bearing some resemblance to myself in the right light.
All fearing the Ogra's United Ireland apparently.

Can anyone reach inside the thinking process of the typical Adams Youth and attempt to explain?


Keith Ruffles said...

Yes, I thought this a slightly strange choice of blog header when they revamped their website a few months back, and yet there it remains. Like you I couldn't quite see how this fits in with rational political discourse.

Be useful to have someone from Ógra help explain to us lay people what this clearly profound political statement really means...

thedissenter said...

Maybe it is ironic. Though maybe not.

Dilettante said...

I'm trying to figure out who the hell would be won over by that. It literally gives the deeply partisan a quick chuckle, at the expense of alienating any unfortunate open-minded person who happens upon it.

O'Neill said...

SF are quite happy in their communal comfort-zone, they've no desire or, sadly, need to win anyone over.

I suppose from a Unionist pov, it's good to see the complete lack of coherent thought on the part of the Adams Youth, but I don't know, makes me more depressed than anything else reading their site.