Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Prophet hath no honour in (the talking shop) of his own country...

My 2,000th post.

I don't think I'm breaking any rules relating to data protection or internet etiquette, if I welcome my new reader from the US House of Representatives.

He/she joins my two regulars in the House of Commons and one a piece in Holyrood, the European Parliament and the Welsh Assembly. Curiously enough, bearing in mind all the praise I've heaped upon the place and its denizens, none yet (as far as I know)from Stormont.


Dilettante said...

Do these people get in contact with you or do you find out some other way?

O'Neill said...

One of them (from the WAG) contacted direct, the others I know from ISP details on my Statcounter.

I should say that they are not necessarily MPs, MEPs, MLAs, Congressmen(!!), David Cameron etc, just someone is using the computers in the various places to read the blog