Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cameron to get oranje support?!

The party which has gained the most seats in the Dutch elections, the VVD, has this to says about the EU on its website:
The VVD doesn’t want a "European superstate". We want a Europe that functions. Therefore, we don’t need a Constitution, but an EU which limits itself to its core tasks and offers solutions for the 21st century. The solutions of the former century were about agriculture and regional subsidies. In this century it is about climate and energy, asylum and migration flows and fighting terrorism. Therefore we need to go back to what we have: the current Treaties (the Treaty of Nice).
In other words, they are up for abolishing the Lisbon Treaty!

Mark Rutte has also said:
"Europe is not a kind of idealistic project. I'm not awake every morning with 27 stars and a European flag over my head. ..."
As Open Europe points out, their stance on the EU is important as Mark Rutte is odds on favourite to become the country's new PM and if he succeeds, he should prove to be a welcome mainstream ally for the British Conservatives in the inevitable battles ahead.

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