Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hey ho! Let's go!

OK, given the length of time that the selection has taken, Blitzkrieg Bop is probably not the most appropriate of titles but as Sir Reg announces his candidature for S.Antrim, what better moment then for hearing The Ramones belting out the call to battle?

Has Sir Reg taken a risk in standing against the Rev. Willie?
Yes, but the whole attempt to pull N.Irish Unionism towards the kind of politics enjoyed in the rest of our nation and away fron the communal deadend offered by the likes of McCrea has been, from the very beginning, a risk... but a risk, whether it comes off this time or not, for the sake of Northern Ireland's future is worth taking.

Now, for the more mercenary-minded.

Ladbrokes are offering some corkers at the minute for the betting on Northern Irish constituencies, I'd suggest you put your 50p on as soon as possible before they start becoming a little more realistic; here's a little taster:

South Antrim: DUP 2-5, UCUNF 5-2

Jim Allister has also moved from 3-1 (where the wise investors *ahem* piled in) to 7-4, so no time to waste!


Don't say your Uncle O'Neill didn't warn you;)
In less than a day, ladbrokes have dropped Sir Reg's odds to 6/4, an indication of the market correcting because of some heavy money going on the Conservatives and Unionists in the constituency.
If you are going to have a punt on the CUs, the following constituencies are the ones to head for asap. (in no particular order): South Antrim, Strangford, Lagan Valley, North Down, Upper Bann, South Belfast.
Two other outsiders worth watching, East Londonderry and...East Belfast.

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