Thursday, April 8, 2010

Goldie outlines genuine Unionism

You've got to admire the woman's stamina:
THE Conservatives will today provide further evidence of their campaigning fire-power as Annabel Goldie takes to the air in a frenetic attempt to visit all their Scottish target seats in a day.

Ms Goldie will use a helicopter to travel from Hawick in the south, Edinburgh in the east, Argyll in the west and Aberdeenshire in the north in a move echoing David Cameron's announcement that he had booked several aircraft to hurtle him around the country. Ms Goldie said she hoped she would be finished "by tea-time".
Although why she needs to be finished by teatime, 4 weeks before the actual election takes place beats me.

Anyhow...this impressed me:
With the Conservatives under fire from both the SNP and Labour over their plans to cut public spending this year, Ms Goldie claimed yesterday that Scottish voters backed their approach.

She said: "I don't think you get any cannier people than Scots. People do understand that the nation's credit card is maxed out and people understand that when that happens you have to rein in your spending and you have got to start looking at making sensible revisions."
In other words:

"Ask not what your region can screw from our shared nation's coffers- ask what your region can do to aid our shared nation's recovery."

And that should be the genuine Unionist approach.

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Toque said...

Has Goldie considered her carbon footprint?