Monday, March 22, 2010

McCune - A vote for change in East Antrim!

Another of the Conservative and Unionist hopefuls has launched his own blog.

Rodney McCune, is standing in East Antrim against the present MP (And MLA. And NI's Minister of Finance and Personnel.) the DUP's, Sammy Wilson.

Due to the real world inconveniently butting its nose in, my own blog will be taking an enforced break for a few days.


tony said...

Interesting words from Sylvia in the commons;

"..but I was a bit shocked to see a statement from the Ulster Unionist Assembly Member Sam Gardiner, who gave his reasons for opposing the devolution of policing and justice. They can be paraphrased in one sentence: Sinn Fein wants it, so Unionists should be against it. Such zero-sum politics-sectarian politics-drag Northern Ireland down and back."

The UUP were also reffered to as dissident Unionists.

I though you guys were going for the Liberal Unionists and right of centre Catholics, and not as seems to be the case vying with the TUV?

Ye Gods broad is this church of a party going to be?

O'Neill said...

It was actually Robinson as far as I can see said it (I can't locate gardiner's original comments):

Let's just say the DUP definition of paraphrasing can be a wide on.

Re Lady H, the DUPe's woman in N Down now apparently, so she will need to keep a close eye on her own moralising;)

tony said...

Whataboutery doesn't cut it Oneil!

Time and again I've put questions to you regarding the party you support. There does come a time when a certain realisation takes place, surely.

How much of a minority are you in this 'broad church' and do you not view it as important the manner of the differences?

O'Neill said...

First, as I said before it was Robinson rather than Lady H that said it and you've been following NI for long enough to know that if the DUPe leadership tell you, for example, today's Wednesday 24th March, along good hard check of the calendar is in order.

I genuinely can't find Gardiner's comments, paraphrased or otherwise on the subject, you can check here and tell me what I'm missing. if you find it, i'll comment on it.

Re the party generally, I'm more than comfortable with the list of candidates chosen to date, a clear majority, I think, would have a view on Unionism close to mine. I'm also more comfortable that they've stood up to the DUP scare-mongering and ruled out "pacts"- any comment on that fact;)?

Finally, Lady H was only introduced into the comment because you first mentioned her and I think it's funny this apparent collaberation with the DUPes. The DUP could have won N.Down (or at least I thought so, may be they know something I don't?), Lady H would have done better in a constituency like ND without the fundo baggage of the DUP.