Sunday, March 21, 2010

Quote of the day

Scotland, like the rest of the UK, will have an extra holiday on Tuesday, June 5, 2012 to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II's 60 years on the throne:
"The people of Scotland have a special affection for The Queen, and I am sure that they will welcome the opportunity to join in the celebrations being planned to mark Her Majesty's Diamond Jubilee in two years time.

"Being Monarch for 60 years will be a truly remarkable achievement - only Queen Victoria has celebrated a Diamond Jubilee before.

"The special Bank Holiday weekend, and the many celebrations that are being planned around it, will allow us all to celebrate with tremendous pride and great affection Her Majesty's 60 years on the throne."
From her most loyal subject, Alex Salmond. And no, I still can't get my head round the concept of a royalist anti-Union party


tony said...

You are the one who goes on about what a wide church your party is. Except in the SNP there are some socially conservative people who cannot differentiate *yet* between their proud military history as Scots and the exploitation of Scottish soldiers in Britain's wars. Incidently the sick bags were being passed around Holyrood and the jeers of derision(many from his own people) forced him to raise his voice as he went.

Now as you would imagine I would belong to the other spectrum but am circumspect and understanding enough to respect these views. I wouldn't however be in a party which included bigots in it's higher echelons....................well the door was open ;¬)

Anonymous said...

nothing unusual there O'Neil, we have had one for 100 yrs now, Sinn Fein were originally a monarchist party!