Thursday, December 10, 2009

Quote of the day

Following in the wake of Ian Jr, another one of Communal Unionism's poster boys shows his fangs:
Anyone who aspires to a position like Secretary of State for Northern Ireland should be aware of the feelings and concerns of the Unionist community. By his comments Owen Paterson has shown he just doesn’t understand how the Unionist community thinks.
Because, of course, the "Unionist community", is all thinking as one homogeneous unit on this particuliar issue. Englishmen like Paterson will never really understood what true Unionism is really all about... will they Willie?


fair_deal said...

The fangs stuff really is a Chehov fantasy that bears no relation to the content of the article.

Also you are putting words in other people's mouths that they didn't say ie no reference was made to Owen Patterson's origins or a true unionism.

The bigger issue of concern is who advises Patterson - a man who thought that secret talks with the Provos, the framework documents and Downing street declaration were good for Unionism. Two documents that Unionism had to spend almost two decades negotiating down.

Anonymous said...

I once has a conversation with Owen Paterson, it took all of about 10 minutes to establish he hadn't a clue about life on the ground for ordinary people in Northern Ireland.

Still, as a public school educated Tory, not really surprising.

O'Neill said...

ie no reference was made to Owen Patterson's origins or a true unionism.


It's the constant implication- or more solid than that as Anonymous' point about his schooling shows.

fair_deal said...

For self-reinforcement I can see why you want such an implication but this particular statement simply isn't the proof you earnestly desire. Quite possible someone will oblige at some stage but this one isn't it.