Friday, December 11, 2009

Top 10 UK winter pubs

Time for a completely random, non-politics post I think.

This month's Lonely Planet magazine (not online) has listed its top 10 "snuggest" UK pubs to visit this winter:

10. The Griffin Inn- Fletching, Sussex
9. The Harwood Arms- Fulham, London
8. Applecross Inn- Wester Ross (Scottish Highlands)
7. The Star Inn- Harome, Yorkshire
6. Kelly's Cellars- Belfast
5. The Sportsman- Whitstable, Kent
4. The Hardwick- Abergavenny
3. The Three Fishes- Mitton, Lancashire
2. The Tunnel House Inn- Circencester, Cotswolds

and the winner...

1. The Harrow Inn- Steep, Hampshire.

Kelly's could be perhaps described physically snug in the sense that you couldn't swing a kitten round it, but atmosphere-wise?

Haven't been in any of the other places so I'd certainly welcome any reviews and other places to add to the list.


Chekov said...

Kelly's Cellars atmosphere is super. For that genuine Republican - about to be kidnapped - feel it can't be beaten.

My advice for anyone seriously looking for a winter pub in Belfast - look no further than Whites. Or, for a curveball, try the Beaten Docket. hardly hiving, but it has usually got a roaring fire.

Anonymous said...

Let´s face it, if you have been trudging around the city for a few hours doing Christmas shopping, anywhere that serves beer is great.