Monday, November 2, 2009

YouGov Scottish Poll

If there were an Scottish election tomorrow, according to the latest poll, there’d still be a minority "government" in charge after the votes were counted:
The SNP would lose power if a Scottish election was held tomorrow, according to a new YouGov poll.

The survey suggests Labour would be the largest party by four to six seats, even though the SNP would win the most votes. The findings are a blow to Alex Salmond, who has only 18 months until the next Holyrood vote.

And according to Weber Shandwick’s website, the voting intention figures would give Labour 45 Holyrood seats to the SNP’s 41.

The Conservatives would get 20 seats (up three), the Liberal Democrats 18 (up two) and the Greens five (up three).
Usual caveats apply, but it’s interesting that post-conference:
The poll found support for the SNP has slipped in recent weeks, putting them level with Labour on 29% for voting intention in the regional vote.

Maybe there is a limit after all to the public’s tolerance of the type of populist grandstanding (e.g "hanging Westminster with a Scottish rope") seen recently from Salmond and Co?


The Aberdonian said...

Minority like practically every British government since the late 19th century if there was a fair electoral system.

Great British democracy. You cannot beat it!

O'Neill said...

Minority in terms of number of seats as well as % of popular vote but take your point.