Monday, November 2, 2009

Quote of the day

Particularly this week, not a clever strategy from Iris Robinson:
Mrs Robinson vigorously defended herself and her husband after it was revealed they had claimed more than £30,000 worth of food on expenses over recent years.

"If I was at home I would have the food in my own home, but when I go to London I don't. What are we to do, are we to say no to the allowance that we are given or not?" she said.

"I would defy anyone who would be in the same situation as me to say that they wouldn't take it. That's an entitlement because I am outside my own Province.''
Whether you're working in London or Castlereagh you still have to eat of course, but the defence that simply because you're away from your home the taxpayer (whether its allowed in the rules or not) should pay for your groceries is not a popular one- you'd have thought that Mrs Robinson would have realised that by now.


fair_deal said...

Eyes roll shakes head and kicks metaphoric cat (AKA bin).

fair_deal said...

A tory has managed to top it

O'Neill said...

Gawd, the lack of awareness of what their potential electorate is thinking on this is astounding.

You'd think (again) that someone in their press-office/pr/propagande dept would put at least a gagging order in this before the hole gets bigger.

O'Neill said...

Cameron has now told Wilshire to retract.

Jim said...

Is anyone suprised at Irene Robinson's lack of integrity or morals? I doubt it, the first family of Northern Ireland will curse the exposure of MPs expenses more than any other family in the uk.