Sunday, November 1, 2009

Scarborough Fayre ( 2009 dream remix!)

A tune I was disappointed not to see on the original Imaginary Village album, Scarborough Fayre, given the trippy, ethereal treatment by Chris Woods:

I quite like this version also, played at Wychwood August 2008 but I’ll reluctantly agree with the comment below that my main man, Mr William Bragg, does go off on one rather than just letting the music do the job:

"OMG .. SHUT UP Billy ... Love ya BUT ...
Do yer philosophy on a box & reminisce over apint in a bar. Here it's MUSIC .. play not gob! Fancy talking over that wonderful intro. Jeez Billy.. couldn't you hear the music behind you??"
There's a time and place for marmite and two Jewish geezers from Queens but this probably wasn't it...


Anonymous said...

Haunting tune,
I always prefered the Stone Roses Lyrics though.

"Boil my bones and tear me apart,
I'll not rest till she's lost her throne,
My aim is true,
My message is clear,
It's curtains for you,
Elizibeth my dear."

Now that's righteous Northern Soul (IMHO),


O'Neill said...

I did have the first album somewhere, but I can't remember, was that to the same tune as "Scarborough"?

Anonymous said...


Slightly simpler melody on the stone roses album, one chord less.

To be honest I don't have the album anymore, all my precious Stone Roses vinyl (the first album and the 12 inch singles One Love and the brilliant Fool's Gold) was either stolen at house parties or borrowed and never given back during the '90s.

Hope you don't mind me being so anti-royalist, but I am, i don't like Queen B of the Netherlands or any other so-called blue blooded aristocrats either, it's not an-anti English or British thing.


Anonymous said...

Hi O'Neil,

Why don't you link to Our Internationist Revolutionary Socailist Blog??? Many of the Nationlist blogs you link to are rubbish or never updated.

We link to you and faithfully follow your blog. IOHO your blog is the best Irish Blog we have come across.


Rory Stafford (Wexford), Ann Klien (Iowa, U.S.A)

O'Neill said...

You're confusing me Rory & Ann!

I've had you linked for some time under "Other favourites", press the little "Show All" at the bottom for proof;)

Anonymous said...

My apologies O'Neill, I knew you were a decent skin,