Tuesday, October 6, 2009

We're ready?

Responding to a question from DUP Assemblyman Simon Hamilton, who, in his question, described Mr McGuinness as "the deputy", Mr McGuinness visibly bristled.

To cries of "Oh!", Mr McGuinness said: "First of all, I’m not the deputy.

"I’m the Deputy First Minister in a department where there is equality between the First Minister and myself. And don’t you ever forget it."

All he missed out at the end there was a dismissive "little boy".

Other than that, yet another small insight as to how ready the warring tribes in the semi-detached Teppee on the Hill really are for "devolution of policing and justice" .


kensei said...

Fucking inmcredible. DUP MLA acts as petulant child, MMG rightly puts in back in his fucking box, and you someone link it to P&J.

Low poin this.

O'Neill said...

P&J will require a level of maturity never mind trust and judgement that is not apparent at stormont. This little exchange was proof of how far away we are from being ready.

kensei said...

Bollocks, bluntly. The US manages quite well with considerably more power and in the past month we've had Congresmen yell "Lies!" at the President and accuse the other side of wanting people to hurry up and die.

This is running backward from your conclusions looking for support. Disappointing

O'Neill said...

As you well know, the conclusion is supported by a lot more evidence than that, if there is a more dysfunctional "legislature" in the world I'd like to hear about it.

I got accused of being monotonous earlier on in the week but if I were to list up each small bit of evidence why Stormont should be closed and a big lock put on the gates I'd risk putting myself never mind anyone else to sleep through boredom.