Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Quote of the day

Amid all the rantings and frothings of the mouth elsewhere about the imminent demise of the Union, a welcome dose of realism from Magnus Linklater in The Times:
For all their popularity, Mr Salmond and his government have yet to demonstrate that they understand how to renew business confidence, to fight the recession, to instil and support the spirit of enterprise that is crucial to Scotland’s recovery.

There is, among his wiser ministers, an acceptance that, once the blaming and castigating are over, there is a desperate need to tackle the fundamentals of Scottish economic life, to cut back an unwieldy public sector and to encourage the efficiency and drive so notably lacking from local government. In that endeavour there is no ideological difference between the SNP and Mr Cameron’s Conservatives


tony said...

The first paragraph contradicts the second somewhat.

Oh and should you be desperately looking for hacks to slag off Salmond(which you obviously are), aren't they ten a penny? Considering that one newspaper apart that tries to be neutral pretty much all the media, BBC included are anti-SNP.

Sure you were having a go at cencorship in your thread over the TV debate but have been quiet on this issue for as long as I've visited here.

O'Neill said...

"The first paragraph contradicts the second somewhat"

The "wiser ministers" haven't publicly demonstrated that privately expressed acceptance yet.

Regarding slagging off Salmond, it's a Unionist site, what do you expect? And it's not only Salmond I attack, Robinson, McGuinness, PC, Brown and even certain elements of the UUP and the Conservatives get in the neck sometimes. If I become monotonous or paranoid on the subject then my reading figures will surely fall...which at the present time they aren't.

Re the bigger question of censorship, if there is a demand for a SNP-leaning paper, it will come about. Though as I said on the broadcast media thread a while ago, the market and debate is moving on line away from the MSM. Online the majority of blogs who take an interest in the subject, the majority of academics and (sometimes self-styled) expert who express an opinion generally preach a pro-nationalist, Union is doomed line.

tony said...


>>...If I become monotonous or paranoid on the subject..<<

Regarding the SNP and Salmond in particular your boat has long since sailed.

>>Re the bigger question of censorship, if there is a demand for a SNP-leaning paper, it will come about..<<

Sure it will, maybe. However you can hardly make a song and dance about a political party threatening to make legitimate use of the law which would interfere with the media. And the present and on-going state of affairs that all but disenfranchises a political party from a fair crack of the media whip.

I think you have been accused of hypocrisy on many an occassion now ;¬) Some you even haud yir hauns uptae.

Anonymous said...

Tony did you look up the Scots? I don't believe for a second you live this side of the water.