Monday, October 5, 2009

Cameron promises to keep Family UK informed, involved (and intact).

David Cameron's pledge to Scotland (and its minority administration) has been followed by one now to Wales:
He said he took his responsibilities in Wales "extraordinary seriously" and again pledged to appear before AMs.

He also suggested an annual "council of the nations" meeting involving the UK's first ministers and the prime minister.

He told BBC Wales the meeting, bringing the leading politicians in Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland together with the prime minister, would discuss "issues about how we keep the family of the UK together".

"I want there to be a good relationship between the first minister of Wales and the assembly and the UK Parliament.

"I would make myself available to answer questions in the Welsh assembly.

"I think Welsh assembly ministers should be able to come to Westminster and answer questions and vice versa."
Can't say fairer than that surely?


I should have mentioned Northern Ireland has also been included:
The Tory leader also said he wanted to improve relations with Stormont.

Speaking on Monday he said if elected he planned to be "a prime minister for the entire UK".

As delegates gathered for the Tories' annual conference in Manchester he spoke of creating a "Council of the Nations", with political leaders from Belfast, Edinburgh and Cardiff


Stonemason. said...

I have this vision of Alex Salmond giving advice on keeping the family of the UK together ..... No ..... its gone.

fair_deal said...

How does this differ from the JMC?

O'Neill said...


Your imagination must be much stronger than mine.

fair deal,

It seems more of an informal arrangement being proposed and one whose roots are more general rather than specific to NI so perhaps the focus would be on the larger UK picture (defence, foreign policy etc). Need to see the details filled in more I guess.