Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Quote of the day

David Cameron:
I will be fully engaged with that bit of Alex Salmond's brain that wants to do the best thing for Scotland rather than break up the United Kingdom,"


kensei said...

Which is cuite only if you have the implicit assumption they are mutually exclusive. There are not intrinsically so, whatever the politics.

Which is why I reckon Salmond will likely have the upper hand; he can exploit that gap to his advantage

O'Neill said...

So what should cameron's approach be then? Unfortunately, i can't really see an alternative.

kensei said...

He has to try to make Salmond seem unreasonable. I suppose this is part of that. But given (1) the state of the Tories in Scotland (2) the fact that significant power is vested in Holyrood (3) the nasty decisions Cameroon will have to take (4) the cuteness of Salmond, he's going to have a tough time of it.