Friday, April 17, 2009

Give us yer money and we'll deliver....some new nice curtains for Gerry's cottage.

Moving on seamlessly to The Strabane Chronicle, we have been reliably informed that:
REPUBLICANS are currently engaged in a phase of 'Nation building',...

Those of you actually living in the alleged "Nation" might have missed it, but that's probably because it involves the mobilisation of:
Irish republicans across the globe behind a demand for Irish unity.

...under a hitherto unknown condition of The Belfast Agreement, they will be given a vote on the matter when the fateful time comes.
And then, just you wait, we'll have the 32 County Republic.
Shortly. Soonish. At least before 2049.

Just to remphasise the point:
Our job is to build the party, and to mobilise the Irish Diaspora across the world behind the demand for Irish unity,"

Now, of course, getting the Irish Diaspora "reengaged" (dipping into their wallets) again would be handy for party coffers and the leadership's new patio, but if I were an disinterested observer I'd have said to achieve "Unity" your job, is to influence and persuade the people who actually live in the darn place.
And to be perfectly honest, I'm not that sure how serious they really are about that side of things.


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Anonymous said...

Indeed. The back to front politics of the Sinn Fein junta