Saturday, April 18, 2009

"Salsa, samba or foxtrot, politics, powers and policies – whatever your take, take part."

If the rubies don't work....
DANCING around the debate is not Sir Emyr Jones Parry's usual style, but that is what is on the agenda at a tea dance to be hosted by the All Wales Convention at Denbigh Town Hall.

The tea dance, held from 2pm to 4pm on Tuesday, April 21, will start with a discussion forum where people will have the opportunity to join in the debate and give their thoughts on the National Assembly for Wales.

They will have the chance to tell first hand how its policies and decisions have impacted their lives.

After the traditional tea and cakes, people will have the opportunity to work off the calories by taking to the floor under the guidance of a qualified dance instructor.

The All Wales Convention, chaired by Sir Emyr Jones Parry, is a totally independent and impartial body.

It was established to analyse the arguments for, and against, extra powers and in turn raise awareness, stimulate debate and encourage engagement amongst the people of Wales of the nationwide consultation, which runs until August 2009.

Whatever else you can’t fault the man’s ingenuity in finding weird and wonderful ways of wasting your and my taxes.

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Stonemason. said...

A speech delivered by Sir Emyr Jones Parry Thursday 27 November 2008 included the following .....

"The All Wales Convention has been set up to:

1. Raise awareness in Wales of the current devolution settlement;
2. Stimulate the debate on primary law making powers."

No debate on the subject of primary law making powers is allowed at A.W.C. meetings. The 3 million people living in Wales, have received nothing to explain the current system nor what is being demanded by Assembly Members at the Bay of Plenty (the Welsh Assembly at Cardiff Bay).

The A.W.C. is undemocratic, it has become autocratic, and it stifles all opportunities for debate.

It is a sham .....