Friday, April 17, 2009

Tucking in for St George

"When St Patrick’s Day comes along, every Englishman claims to be Irish and drinks Guinness and eats Irish stew. Englishmen celebrate Burns Night with haggis and whisky, but we do nothing food-wise for St George’s Day. Why?"

Fair enough question, I'd hazard a guess it's because that there are greater regional variations of food within England and so it's impossible to say *this* is the quintessential English food or drink.

But variety is the spice of life, for starters, how does a North-East menu of pease pudding (with a bit of ham), pan haggerty and stottie cake sound? Polished off with a glass of Nukie Brown obviously.


Timothy Belmont said...

Indeed. Northern Ireland features on the Great British Menu next week.

One of the chefs from the North East works at Seaham Hall, a former seat of Lord Londonderry from Mount Stewart, incidentally.


O'Neill said...


I'll have to send my mother along to test it out!

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