Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Punting on the DUPes

Interesting odds in the *ahem* Irish politics section of Billy Hills Online:

Peter Robinson 1/14
Jeffrey Donaldson 7/1
Nigel Dodds 12/1
Edwin Poots 25/1
Arlene Foster 40/1

A tenner on that nice Mr Poots please!


Chekov said...

It would be beyond my wildest dreams to have that hapless clown at the helm, although I feel there's slightly more chance that Derby will win the Premiership. 25-1 is not generous!

Kloot said...

Seems like Robinson is a shoe in.

Robinson seems to have a head on him. Where do ye see him taking the party. Since he himself is not a Free Pres. are we likely to see a weakening of the Fres Pres. control over the party ?

O'Neill said...

Robinson seems to have a head on him. Where do ye see him taking the party.

I don't think the bookies are going to lose much on this contest!

Robinson is more of a technocrat and schemer than a conviction politician, he also has a very tight and competent backroom team of people who cut their teeth in politics in places like Queens in the 80s where, since Unionists were an endangered (sometimes literally) minority, guile and cunning rather than the "brute force" of Paisleyism majoritarianism, was required to get any kind of result against the Republican controlled SU.

So, I think a more "clever" DUP is going to emerge with the Big Ian sponsored buffoons like Poots, McCrea and IPJ being slowly pused out to the sidelines. Simulatneously though he'll have to keep and drag back a few of the Ultras who've drifted over to the TUV, there'll be no smiling photo-opportunites with Marty and Bertie for a while and I suspect that he'll use "culture" and "education" as the battle-grounds where he can take on with as much publicity as poss the Republicans.

But that's just really consolidation and reclaiming back lost ground, he like Paisley won't make any headway in increasing overall the Unionist vote simply because he has no concept of being able to reach out beyond the sectarian comfort zone and bringing into the tent those secular Unionists with a small "u".