Wednesday, March 5, 2008

And for an extra two thousand, we'll send you some fact-finders...

A cross-party delegation of MSPs will visit Malawi’s Chikwawa district, where at least six people died and more than 50,000 were displaced by raging floods last month. The flooding prompted Glasgow City Council and the Scottish Government to jointly provide £10,000 of emergency relief to those affected.

I'm all for these kind of visits, especially with this one being organised as it is by the the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association’s (CPA) Scotland Branch.
The total budget for the visit is £12,000, which will cover all travel costs, accommodation and incidental costs. The costs will be met from the budget allocated to the CPA (Scotland) Branch by the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body (SPCB).

Ten thousand quid in aid for those affected by the floods in Chikwawa, twelve thousand pounds for the Scottish dignitaries' follow-up trip to the area- those figures don't seem quite right somehow.

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