Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Another one bites the dust...

After Tango-Man and Little Ian, it's the biggest one of them all!

Oh happy day!
The man who in his long and not so illustrous career has caused more damage to the Union than the IRA, Gerry Adams and Alex Salmond combined and multiplied by two is finally, hallelujah and praise be, on his way.

A more reflective post may well be along later...in the meantime, in the words of the Blessed Margaret:
Rejoice! Rejoice! Rejoice!
(But you'll need Real-Player!!)


Kloot said...

Was just saying over on ATW how Ed Maloneys book on him is fascinating. The amount of stoking this man and others did from the 50s onwards was just shocking. He denied moderates the chance to come to any agreement with nationalists.

Paul said...

I enjoyed Maloney's book on the IRA, his Paisley one is one on my to read list.

There's a post I did a long time ago thta I'm trying to dig up on Paisley and how he ultimately damaged Unionism.

In the meantime, I think Michael at Everything Ulster summed it up well that Terence O'Neill, Brian Faulkner and of course David Trimble must be, wherever they are, having a quiet chuckle at this. Ironically Paisley has been knifed in his back by a party (as did the Tories with Thatcher in 90) he to all intents and purposes built up single-handed in his own image. The fact that he has fallen because he was beoming too much of a Lundy to a large section of the DUP support is again very ironic and very, very amusing.

The amount of praise flying his way is unbeliveable, at heart the man remains the religious fundamentalist bigot he always was, it's just in the last three years his arrogance and thirst for power meant that he for the sake of his ultimate ambition he was able to mask it.
So, good riddance to bad rubbish!

The Aberdonian said...

Do not know if anyone reads the Shankill Moaner (whom I guess is written by an SDLP or Alliance supporter - more likely SDLP)

Here is a classic dedicated to Dr Paisley:-


Here is also a mocking of neo-unionists in the Republic:-


This is the page containing the entire collection:


Have fun if you are new NI's answer to the Onion.

Chekov said...

Poots for DUP leader!

Chekov said...

Aberdonian. Northern Ireland has already enjoyed its equivalent of the Onion and sadly it is no more. Fortunately the back issues are still online.