Monday, March 10, 2008

A Pint, a Pie and (perhaps) a bit of politics...

Hard old life being a MSP, isn’t it?
HOLYROOD pub plans to screen Scottish parliament debates so MSPs can follow proceedings over a pint.
The Tun bar in Edinburgh has asked to show live footage of debates and meetings from the parly's in-house broadcast unit - allowing boozy MSPs to watch drink-in-hand before rushing back to speak or vote.


The Aberdonian said...

How many bars are there in the Houses of Parliament? Apparently there are 19 bars and restuarants at the Palace of Westminster.

And of course due to the building being a "Royal Palace" is not bound by the normal licensing laws--------

How many bars in Holyrood. Zilch from what I have seen although it does have coffee shop for members.

By the way there are a number of privately owned bars and restuarants within the vincinity of the Houses of Parliament which are hooked up to the division bell system. So you can be having a drink outside Parliament when the division bell goes off, you will know there is a vote on and can leg it out into the street and into the Houses of Parliament to vote. If it is acceptable for MPs and Lords (as it has been for a number of years) then why not members of devolved bodies.

If only my work had its telephone system wired up to the nearest pubs!

O'Neill said...

If only my work had its telephone system wired up to the nearest pubs!

I mentioned it to my boss, still awaiting the answer......