Tuesday, March 11, 2008

British Healthcare for British Citizens.

Evidence of growing discontent throughout the United Kingdom with our Balkanised "National" Health Service:
"They can't understand why devolution, which was actually supposed to make things better for them, in is many cases, making things worse for them, particularly in healthcare provision."

The specific "they" in question here, being the ordinary mug UK citizens in Wales.

Regular readers will know I'm rarely in agreement with the clergy on any topic whatsoever, but Anthony Priddis, the Bishop of Hereford got it right 100% right when he expanded further on the topic, with this statement over the weekend:
"I think from where we are, it is entirely unreasonable that there should be that difference of treatment according to where people live and waiting lists, and we would want to see a much greater equality for people whichever side of the border they live."

With the destruction of a truly National Health Service, is it any wonder that we’re now seeing such sentiments regularly and more often expressed?

And it’s a bit late for the NULabour elite, the architects of the Devolution Experiment to be coming out with platitudes such as:
Welsh Secretary Paul Murphy said the NHS, a UK-wide service, should not be affected by cross-border issues.

Wrexham Labour MP Ian Lucas said many of his constituents were also affected.

"The NHS should treat people on an basis of need, not geography," he said.

"Certain services should be delivered to UK citizens in whatever part of the UK they live."

NULabour created the present situation and the resulting chaos is the logical outworkings of the devolving of health-care, they should be explaining and apologising to their constituents for these facts:

And on a matter of pedantry, why is Ben Bradshaw still referred to as the UK’s Health Minister?
De facto, he now only has responsibility for English health affairs and this should be reflected in his title- if the alleged Unionists such as Brown and Straw within the Labour Party are unhappy with that reality, then they be starting to think of some cures and quick to remedy that fact.


Anonymous said...


I'm quite a fan of the blog, but I implore you, from the very bottom of my heart, not to start using that 'NuLabour' crap that is usually the preserve of conspiracy theorists and BNP members. Ditto for 'Tony Bliar' - it's unoriginal, uninspired and beneath the normal level of quality and good sense that I've come to expect from this page.

Incidentally, I'm not a Labour man myself; I am a fully fledged Tory.

Fraternal regards,

An Edinburgh Unionist.

O'Neill said...

Since you asked so nicely, OK;)

TBH, I think it's a bit tabloidy myself, Sun-speak although I've read it in Conservative Home and other slightly more respected blogs than this.