Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Devolved government means streamlined government?

Oh good, just what we need in the UK, yet another layer of political and administrative bureaucracy.


The Aberdonian said...

In such situations it is common to have inter-government forums. Australia and Canada have been having inter-government committees for years - particuarly ones composed of heads of government, ministers of justice and finance ministers.

Until recently most inter-government relations (in Scotland and Wales) happend internally within the Labour Party. One big party etc.

A reform is needed anyway. In 2010 it is likely/possible that Cameron will take over and there will be bugger all Conservatives returned by Wales and Scotland. Therefore a body has to be set up to stabilise inter-government relations now before the Tories come along.

O'Neill said...

Or having only one parliament could well solve the problem!!

The Aberdonian said...

More likely exaccerbate the problem. Going through again the monthly pantomine of Scottish Questions with a Tory Scottish Secretary answering questions put to him/her by planted English back benchers was the only forum for Scottish political debate is no longer considered a serious option in Scotland - whether for the continuation of the Union or for independence.

The Tories abused the system. Most famously when they reformed Scottish local government and blatantly proposed to preserve all the councils they controlled (this was in the mid-nineties). I remember the rage of the impotent from the opposition benches with Labour. Lib-Dems and SNP storming out of the Commons and marching on Downing Street with a petition on the matter.

Chekov said...

Poots for FM! Lol.