Friday, April 1, 2011

Seen Elsewhere 04/01/2011

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Wildgoose said...

One Nation, One Time?

In a Democratic State decisions are supposed to be made to suit the majority - and with the bulk of the population of the UK in (southern) England the most appropriate time zone for us is either one hour forward or, as a compromise, permanent British Summer Time.

But as always, what is best for England does not matter and we are overruled.

The whole idea of Devolution was so that Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales could choose to do things differently. However it's only ever a one-way street because not only do they get devolved Parliaments to do things differently, they also send MPs to Westminster to ensure England is prevented from doing the same.

The two-faced hypocrisy of these attitudes beggars belief. Whether it is Danny Alexander campaigning to keep Scotland's forests in public ownership whilst simultaneously campaigning to sell off England's, or the idea that the cuts and sell-offs must be primarily targetted at England - the part that pays the most into the UK and gets the least in return.

Yes, we're all in this together alright!