Friday, April 1, 2011

No rabbits and no coalitions with the nats.

I spoke of the danger yesterday of Scottish and Welsh Labour heading off in a narrow regionalist direction; apparently the Conservatives in Wales are also potentially diverging from the Westminster line:
The concerns were that there could be a danger that the Welsh Conservatives could stand up and promise something in the non devolved fields and run the risk of a Conservative minister in a Whitehall department turning it down flat. Cue red faces all round.
There's been a hasty process of squaring going on behind the scenes I gather. Sources in London stress that there's no question of a "veto" from them on anything in the manifesto, devolved or non-devolved. Advice is the word that's being used, but in the context of this post from the turn of the year, it's further evidence that relations between Cardiff and London remain strained.
But the good news is...
...the sensitivities revealed by the current behind the scenes negotiations between the Conservatives at both ends of the M4 surely makes it less likely that Nick Bourne will be able to pull a rabbit out of the hat on something major to attract Plaid Cymru if and when he sits down to talk rainbows after May 5th.

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