Thursday, March 10, 2011

"Breaking up" is not the hardest thing to do, really.

The Belfast Telegraph:
Tom Elliott has said his party’s UCUNF electoral pact with the Conservatives is now dead.

In the coming Assembly election the UUP leader will advise his voters to give their second and subsequent preferences to fellow unionists.
Actually, in typical Elliott-style, it isn't 100% clear what he is saying about the Conservative link... but if it is finally kaput, then  it really is the best thing for both parties in the short-term, although in the long-term it should be the Conservatives who will reap more benefit from the frissure.

Also, I'm not sure how on one hand you can say you regard the DUP as "tribal" and "sectarian", whilst on the other then urge Unionists to keep their vote within "the family"?


Anonymous said...

Elliott was one of those always fighting against the project - and indeed partly responsible of the ludicrous UCUNF name. He was one of those who wanted 'Ulster' in the name.
Phrases like 'fair weather friend' not being able to stand the heat in the kitchen come to mind.
Ultimately it comes down to the fact that Elliott and the minority leadership cliche dont have the guts to try to transform politics in NI. Much more comfortable with the one style Portestant unionism
Some talk about being non sectarian but they have no means to differentiate themselves for the DUP.
Before long they too will jump on the ‘bash the Brits’ agenda so beloved of the DUP.
These ‘unionists’ play right into nationalism hands by creating a narrative that says ‘don’t blame us we are being hard down by those foreigners in London’.
Ten years down the line young voters from a unionist background might say ‘ well if what the ‘unionist’ parties are saying about being harshly treated by London is true why don’t I just vote for a nice moderate left leaning nationalist party like the SDLP’
Ulster Tory

O'Neill said...

I don't think we'll even have to wait for 10 years, for a shift in younger "Unionist" voting patterns. The warning signs were there last year in east Belfast, Long wouldn't have been in even with a sniff less than 5 years, no matter the dissatisfaction with Robinson. I think there will be movement towards at least 2nd prefences going towards, Alliance, the Greens and maybe even the SDLP in May.